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Shopping Mall in Orlando, FL

Artegon Marketplace Orlando, FL Orlando, FL artisans, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs had better get ready! The old Festival Bay Mall is undergoing an exciting transformation, and you’ll be the beneficiary! Artegon Marketplace plans to open this October in Orlando, FL. This new retail attraction is offering many spaces for lease, and you’d better hurry because the property promises to be one of the premier local attractions, and leasing opportunities are going fast!

What is Artegon Marketplace? Put simply, it’s the latest example of a retail trend that’s taking the United States by storm. Gone are the days when a mall could expect to survive simply by hosting dozens of stores from the same companies that you can find all over the country. Artegon Marketplace will be one of the newest examples of artisan shopping to come to Orlando, FL.

The classic marketplace meets modern convenience.

This shopping center will mimic the feel of an old-fashioned, open-air local marketplace, where you and other artisans can peddle your wares and attract customers with your unique and handmade goods. The aim isn't simply to create a shopping mall: it's to create one of the most exciting local attractions in Orlando. Major anchor stores like Bass Pro Shops, Ron Jon Surf Shop, and Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar will draw in tourists and residents alike, bringing all of that traffic right to you and the unique goods and services at your artisan shops!

If you're looking for a unique place to shop that offers a variety of artisan stores, local attractions and more, Artegon Marketplace is the spot to be. We are more than just a shopping mall. We are a center of unique stores designed to capture your attention and impress you.

Lease your artisan shop today!

Are you interested in learning more about this incredible opportunity? Be sure to attend one of the many First Look Events to get a sneak peek at this new shopping experience! Call 321-209-6362 today to find out more about leasing.

Get in at the ground floor at this unique shopping center.

Check out one of the area's premier local attractions first.

Aspiring retailers just like you are itching to get into the new Artegon Marketplace, so the developers are holding many First Look events to show off the space. This is an entirely different experience than the one afforded by the former Festival Bay Mall. You’ll be able to tour this newly redesigned facility during these events.

Developers and retail experts, Steve Sless and Scott Benjamin, will be on hand to answer all of your questions and explain how this unique local marketplace can help you to make your dreams of starting a business come true. Admission is free, and you’ll also be treated to complimentary refreshments. However, you’ll want to call soon to make sure you save your seat at the next event!

Can't make it to one of the First Look Events? That’s not a problem. Mr. Sless and Mr. Benjamin are also offering individual appointments to retailers interested in this unique shopping center. Give them a call today to set up your personal time to visit!

A Prime Location

Artisan Shopping Orlando, FL When tourists and residents are looking for local attractions in Orlando, FL, shopping tends to make the list, and it tends to be near the top. However, especially for tourists, a shopping destination needs to be convenient. The ideal location is one that is close to other Orlando entertainment options, like restaurants, movies, and theme parks, but offers a unique artisan shopping experience that they can't find anywhere else.

A great location, a unique opportunity.

Artegon Marketplace is located at 5250 International Drive, right across from the Premium Outlets and only minutes away from the theme parks. Put yourself in a tourist’s shoes to understand how attractive this retail attraction will be! You’re on your way back to the hotel from a theme park, or maybe you’ve decided to take a day to explore more of Orlando.  On one side of the road, you see the Premium Outlets, full of the many brands and stores you’re familiar with from home. On the other side, you see the shopping center that is the Artegon Marketplace with unique, artisan shops you won't find anywhere else. This is the perfect way to attract the attention of Orlando’s 58 million tourists!

Artisan shops become popular local attractions at Artegon.

Artegon Marketplace promises to be the most unique Orlando shopping mall experience ever conceived and that’s why you owe it to yourself to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity! This is a totally different experience than the Festival Bay Mall, and you could be there from day one!

Artegon Marketplace is launching an artisan shopping experience for residents and tourists alike. This is the perfect way for you, a regional artisan or craftsperson, to start a new business and make your mark in the Orlando area.

More than just a shopping mall.

Artegon Marketplace doesn’t want to be a standard, cookie-cutter Orlando mall. Instead, they’re offering a wide range of different spaces available for lease. You can select a small retail merchandising unit (RMU) or a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom. You won’t be subjected to surcharges; every rental fee is completely flat. Best of all, Artegon Marketplace offers many flexible leasing options with no lengthy contracts. 

No matter what size unit you decide to lease, you’ll get access to Artegon Marketplace’s many large and unique common areas. Would you like to put on a fashion show to show off your boutique? You’ll be able to find space for it right in the local marketplace. Would you like to host a lecture or a show to educate people about your artisan shops? There will be space for that, too! The opportunities are limited only by your imagination! Artegon Marketplace also plans on hosting many events in its Grand Hall, located at the main entrance. These events are sure to draw in crowds of local residents as well as tourists visiting the area.

Get Started On Your Lease Today!

Shopping Center Orlando, FL Orlando, FL is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Our goal - if we create an amazing artisan shopping experience here, it’s virtually guaranteed that the entire world will know about it! Become a part of this incredible opportunity to revolutionize Orlando shopping and create a retail attraction that residents and tourists alike will want to share with everyone they know.

There are still flexible leasing options available, but you need to hurry. Retailers, artisans and entrepreneurs from all over Central Florida have heard of this opportunity, and they’re quickly snatching up spaces. Contact Artegon Marketplace’s leasing specialists today to get in on the ground floor of this great new shopping mall experience. 

Call 321-209-6362 today to get started!

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Artegon Orlando Marketplace is a shopping experience like no other. We are more than just a shopping mall. With artisan shops, special events, farmers markets and festival, we're a dynamic new local attraction. Located in the former location of the Festival Bay Mall, the Artegon Marketplace is an exciting new opportunity for local artisans and business owners. Call today to reserve your spot!

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